Happily Ever After


Happily Ever After

370 seconds | 1280 x 720 | Yonni Aroussi
"A Journey into the future of a young couple moving in together for the first time"
A film by Yonni Aroussi & Ben Genislaw
Music by Rea Meir & Stefan Maria Schneider
post production: Boico Visual House

Awards and Festivals:
"Best short film international competition award" (under 10 min) - Shnit Film Festival 2013
"Best Score & Best Director"- Filmstock Utah 2013
"best animation short"- Studio City Film Festival, LA 2013
"Best Animation International" Award - Filmus 2013- lums international film fesatival
"Audience Award"- Hamburg Animation Awards 2013
"Best Animation film"- Shinjuku 2013 Takarazuka University Tokyo Japan

Official Selection and nomination:
Animago Germany 2013 - nominated for Best Young Production
Festival de Cortometrajes Don Torcuato Argentina 2013- nominated Best Comedy Fiction
New York City International Film Festival USA- Official Selection\ nominated for "best animated short"
Show-Fest International Australia - judges- 2nd place
"Corti a Ponte" Italy- Official Selection
ITFS 2013- 20th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film Germany- Official Selection
PUFF 2013- The Pineapple Underground Film Festival Hong Kong- Official Selection
EIFF 2013 - 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival Scotland- Official Selection
TAUFF 2013- Tel Aviv International student film festival- Official Selection
International Animation Festival Chilemonos 2013 Chile- Official Selection
RIFF2013- Rome Independent Film Festival Italy- Official Selection
Skepto International Film Festival 2013 Sardinia- Official Selection
2013 Capital City Film Festival USA- Official Selection
BeThere!2013 Corfu Animation Festival Greece- Official Selection
Big Muddy Film Festival 2013 USA- Official Selection
NICE ISRAEL FILM FESTIVAL 2013 France - Official Selection
Haifa International Film Festival 2013 Israel- Official Selection
Muestra de cortometrajes CineLibre 2013 Spain- Official Selection
Scratch Italy 2013- Official Selection
Kratkofil Film Festival Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013- Official Selection
TAAFI 2013 -Toronto Animation Arts Festival International Canada- Official Selection
Motovun film festival Zagreb Croatia 2013- Official Selection
Anibar international film festival Kosovo 2013
Hamburg Animation award Germany 2013- Official Selection
Odense film festival.KSF Denmark 2013- Official Selection
Meeting Rimini Film Festival 2013- Official Selection
Pentedattilo Film Festival Italy 2013- Official Selection
Imaginaria Film Festival Italy 2013- Official Selection
Busho Hungary 2013- Official Selection
3D Wire film festival Spain 2013- Official Selection
Festival de Cortos de Bogota- short film festival 2013 - Official Selection/ nomination for "Best animation short"
Dublin International Short Film And Music Festival 2013- - Official Selection
Multivision St Petersburg Russia 2013 - Official Selection
ANIMACION Granada Spain 2013 - Official Selection
Navi Mumbai International Film Festival - Official Selection
Golden Orchid International Animation Festival Pennsylvania - Official Selection
Hollywood Shorts LA USA- Official Selection
Bogota’ Short Film Festival colombia- Official Selection
Charleston International Film Festival California USA
Annapolis Film Festival Washington USA
Animac Catalunia Spain

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